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Mobil SHC Cibus™ Series lubricants are outstanding performance hydraulic, compressor, gear and bearing oils designed to provide outstanding equipment protection, long oil life and problem-free operation in the food and beverage processing and packaging industries. They are
formulated from FDA and NSF registered hydrocarbon base fluids and additives. The combination of the naturally high viscosity index and the
proprietary additive system enables the Mobil SHC Cibus series lubricants to provide outstanding performance in a wide range of service
applications at high and low temperatures, high loading and in areas of high wash-down well beyond the capabilities of typical mineral oils.

Mobil SHC Cibus lubricants are NSF H1 registered lubricants and also comply with Title 21 CFR 178.3570 by the Food and Drug Administration
(USA) for lubricants with incidental food contact. Also, the Mobil SHC Cibus Lubricants are manufactured at ISO 22000 certified facilities that
also meet the requirements of ISO 21469 helping to ensure that the highest levels of product integrity are maintained. They are also suitable for
Kosher and Halal food preparation for multi faith applications and to offer processing engineers maximum flexibility during operations. The
products are pale in color with low odour and are formulated to be free of animal derived materials and allergens from nuts, wheat or gluten.



The Mobil SHC Cibus Series products have low traction coefficients, derived from the molecular structure of the base stocks used. This results in
low fluid friction in the load zone of non-conforming surfaces. Low fluid friction produces lower operating temperatures and improved
equipment efficiency, which potentially translates into reduced power consumption. The carefully engineered products also help to extend the
service life of machinery components and allow for more economical equipment design. Moreover, the additive system used in these oils has
been selected to provide good wear protection, excellent oxidation stability, protection against rust and corrosion even in moist environments
and provide good system cleanliness. The Mobil SHC Cibus Series oils are also compatible with seals and other construction materials used in
equipment normally lubricated with mineral oils.

The Mobil SHC Cibus Series oils can be used as hydraulic, gear, bearing and circulating oils in all areas within the food processing plant and can
be included as part of a HACCP plan. The products meet the most rigorous performance requirements of a range of component manufacturers
using various multi-metallurgy designs that help allow a single product series to lubricate effectively. Because they offer productivity and NSF H1
registration benefits, the Mobil SHC Cibus products can be used both above and below the processing line to reduce inventory costs and reduce
the risks of non H1 registered lubricants being dispensed in high contamination risk areas.

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