L0036-039 LUBRIPLATE NO. 107 – 16 GALLON KEG


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The LUBRIPLATE 100 Series Products are excellent water-resistant lubricants designed for plain bearings, cams, slides and similar applications up to operating temperatures of 150°F.



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LUBRIPLATE No. 100 and No. 105 are excellent lubricants for coating engine parts when assembling either a new or rebuilt engine. They are excellent rust preventive greases.

LUBRIPLATE No. 107 is an outstanding concrete form release agent because it does not stain the concrete. Also an excellent anti-seize compound for the threads on bolts which hold metal forms.

LUBRIPLATE No. 110 is recognized as an outstanding brake lubricant.

LUBRIPLATE No. 115 is the ideal water pump lubricant. These lubricants offer a long lasting film of protection for light duty applications.