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The Mobil DTE Oil Double Letter Series of lubricants are high performance heavy duty circulating oils primarily intended for continuous reuse in
circulation lubrication systems for gears and bearings. They are formulated from high quality base stocks and a proprietary additive system to
provide superior protection against rust, excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation, and a high level of protection against wear,
plus excellent resistance to high temperature corrosion of soft metals. They possess good demulsibility that permits water and other
contaminants to separate readily from the oil in the system reservoir. The Mobil DTE Oil Double Letter Series are available in two ISO viscosity
grades 150 and 220.

The Mobil DTE Double Letter Series family of products provides a versatile lubricant source for a wide range of industrial equipment. They
provide the users with very reliable and efficient operation in industrial circulating system applications, as well as other lubricant application
methods, including hydraulic systems. They are particularly resistant to the effects of prolonged high temperature exposure and perform very
well in circulating systems with short oil residence times. Mobil DTE Double Letter Series oils have very good water seperability properties, which
allows water to separate readily in the system reservoir. Their high level of anti-wear properties results in exceptional equipment performance that
not only results in fewer breakdowns but helps improve production capacity.



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