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Duragard® Diamond Plate® AW-46 Premium High Zinc, Anti-wear, non foaming, HVI Multi-weight Hydraulic Oil – 55 GALLON DRUM [REPLACEMENT FOR MOBIL DTE 25]


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Duragard® AW-46 High Zinc Hydraulic Oil is a premium quality, HVI-MV Group-II Hydro cracked anti-wear hydraulic oils designed to meet the requirements of fluid power / hydraulic systems. It is formulated with select 100% HVI-MV Group-II Hydro cracked clear base oils that provide superior low temperature fluidity and high temperature film strength that simply can not be achieved using conventional mineral base oils. The formulation uses a proven anti-wear additive system that is effective in reducing wear in pumps.

Duragard® AW-46High Zinc Hydraulic Oil has excellent water separation, rust and corrosion prevention, oxidation stability, and anti-foam properties. The true multi-viscosity, broad temperature feature allows even and continuous power transmission over a wider temperature range with increased accuracy compared to single weight hydraulic oils.



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