L0014-035 LUBRIPLATE NO. 8 - 5 Gallon Pail

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LUBRIPLATE No. 4 and LUBRIPLATE No. 8 are specially (formulated oils) strictly for industrial bearing and gear case applications. These oils are formulated with special lubricity agents and tackiness additives.



LUBRIPLATE No. 4 and LUBRIPLATE No. 8 have exceptional film strength, and "stay put" or "clinging" qualities. These oils also provide positive protection against rust and corrosion.

LUBRIPLATE No. 4 is an SAE 90 gear lubricant. LUBRIPLATE No. 4 is recommended extensively for medium to medium slow speed, heavy-duty bearings, enclosed gear cases, gear head motors, heavy way lubricant and wherever an oil of this viscosity is required for industrial applications.

LUBRIPLATE No. 8 is an SAE 140 gear lubricant. LUBRIPLATE No. 8 is ideal for all types of enclosed gears where an SAE 140 gear lubricant is required. LUBRIPLATE No. 8 is recommended for the lubrication of slow speed, heavy-duty bearings. LUBRIPLATE No. 8 is recommended as an excellent worm gear lubricant providing that necessary film follow-up so necessary in this type of application.

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