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BiRAL BiO-30 is extremely high quality industrial lubricating oil with very wide areas of application. It is outstanding as a lubricant for conveyors especially those required to operate under widely varying conditions of temperature and environment/ atmosphere - evidenced by its wide temperature operating range.  BiRAL BiO-30’s disinclination to form carbon at high temperatures adds further to its value, as a non-contaminating lubricant - essential in electronics, plastics, automobile manufacture, food production and printing.

BiRAL BiO-30 is also an excellent oil lubricant for compressors, hydraulic systems, mist lubrication and central lubrication systems.

Operation modes:

BiRAL BiO-30 is a synthetic oil lubricant that is capable of withstanding extreme loads whilst not forming carbon deposits, even at high temperatures and remains highly resistant to oxidation.

BiRAL BiO-30:

Will not form carbon deposits at high temperature. Ensures smooth consistent running and eliminates contamination. BiO-30 is the ultimate lubricant for conveyors, conveying systems, and all applications where clean, extended, non-carbon lubrication is desired.



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